Wing Tests

Hey there.

For years the studio is what I did. Until it wore me out. Well, the music has been starting to come again, and I decided to replace my console with a Behringer Wing. It’s a VAST departure from my analog console and SSL MADI converters. But I think it’s going to fit ME better.

At first I found it odd they tagged the mixer with this line. In a way it seems like it’s made for folks like me… who want to use it for themselves, as opposed to a club, studio or house of worship. But I think the tagline is really talking about how the USER will define how this mixer works and build the thing THEY need from the ground up.

Going from SSL to Behringer… going from 96k to 48k. But already I am finding this unit to be inspiring. It’s quite a feat of engineering.

But how does it SOUND?

Well the jury is still VERY MUCH out on that. I have not really done enough work with it to really be able to say. But SO FAR it seems excellent. One of the first surprises I had was how quiet it is.

Anyway, I am now performing some tests on various aspects of it. The quality of the effects is one of my areas of highest curiosity. Are these emulations any good? Does the 1176 have grit? Or is it just another transparent digital compressor with a black GUI with big knobs, and an “all buttons in” mode? The latter seems to be true way more than half the time. I have used a UAD2 (and a UAD 1) since they were created. So I am familiar with GOOD emulations. And I intend to test this board and come to a solid conclusion.

First up? All those silver REVERB emulations in the silver box with the faders! Behringer does not really try to hide what they are copying (when have they ever? 😉 ) and this is obviously an Midiverb II. Just kidding. Click below to read about and listen to some practical, and imperfect tests comparing the algorithms to the hardware they were modeled after:

Wing vs 480L comparisons.