Bright Spikes

bright spikes
knives of ice
crooked tree nails pulling down
embattled end
unstable flight

these risks give payment due
on shores of cold regret
there stands the demon firm
no turning now
bright spikes
bright spikes

fleet heights
perched in fright
bones of glass upon the strand
awaken heart
here is your plight

beyond this yawning void
frail eyes do fail to see
the rounding constant sun
dark spire
fleet heights

firmest ground
safe purchase far below
in time illusion turns her gaze
chancing move sees fortunes wide smile
syrup song
hesitation humming low
the windows closed
time’s march unfurled
as ever

come night
drawn by tides
heavy blanket, muffled sound
persistent reach
rise path to light

undo your clasps oh soul
give in the marchers time
your purpose here fulfilled, release
cast off; all clear
fleet heights
bright spikes