Audio Shootouts!

I have decided to have a little fun with some audio shootouts. Over the years in my studio I have had the fun of listening to so much gear. Recording equipment, preamps, microphones, instruments, amplifiers, and so on.

It was always my goal to stay off the “gear train” as I called it as it is easy for a person to get lost in the world of comparisons, bargains , or audiophile snobbery. I have always had a penchant for finding the best deals. Finding inexpensive gear that shines in it’s arena, and building exotic and expensive hardware from scratch.

Over the years experience has been a good teacher. Usually “you get what you pay for”. But sometimes you can either find equipment that is amazingly good for the level of investment, or modifiable in a way that brings it into the same class as designs that cost orders of magnitude more.

If one has the TIME and interest then this road is rewarding. If one does not? Then just buy the tried and true. I plan to highlight here some of my own experiences and discovery.